Students in my applied statistics classes have the opportunity to use a statistical lens to investigate research questions that interest them. They choose their research questions and topics based on their personalized interests; I pose no restriction to their topics.

An applied statistics paper from Applied Statistical Methods at the University of St. Thomas:

Applied statistics papers from Introduction to Statistical Analysis at Macalester College:

Applied statistics papers from Advanced Statistical Modeling at Macalester College:

Students in my  Probability course at Macalester College worked in groups to study and present probability topics:

  • Non-monotone transformations of random variables, prepared and presented by Nick McMullen and Danny Ochoa
  • Law of large numbers, prepared and presented by  Zun Yin
  • Gamma distribution, prepared and presented by Jaco Dippenaar and Matthew Davids
  • Poisson distribution, prepared and presented by Travis Beach, Nina Brim, Elliot Weiss
  • Negative binomial distribution, prepared and presented by  Andre Archer, Ayoub Belemlih, and Peace Madimutsa
  • Geometric distribution, prepared and presented by Xinyu Liu, Qisheng Li, Leqi Zhao, and Janice Zhang