During my time at the University of Minnesota, I served as instructor for five semesters and as a teaching assistant for several semesters.

I led two types of courses as an instructor at the University of Minnesota.  Statistical Analysis (Stat 5021) primarily serves graduate students outside of the School of Statistics. Students in my class included engineering master’s students, computer science master’s students, and plant biology master’s students. I taught Statistical Analysis during the summer semester of 2015. The other course I taught,  Introduction to Statistical Analysis (Stat 3011), is an introductory course that primarily serves undergraduate students. These students’ majors included statistics, economics,  and forestry.  I taught this course four semesters: Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014.

During my time as a teaching assistant at the University of Minnesota, I held weekly lab sessions and twice-weekly office hours, graded exams and homework,  posted homework solutions, responded to student concerns by email, and supported the instructor/professor. The courses I TAed range from an introductory course that emphasizes concepts over computation for students with limited mathematical abilities (Stat 1001) to statistical theory courses for statistics master’s students and doctoral students from other departments (Stat 5101/5102). The exact courses and semesters of my TAships are listed in my CV.