As a statistical consultant, I help clients with the full array of statistics and data science services. I have designed experiments and conceptualized statistical analyses for 30 clients in industry and academia. I love to help clients understand their objectives, construct metrics,  understand the insights the statistical analysis provides, and plan next steps.

Here is a sampling of my work from recent collaborations:

  • Constructed a framework to increase their statistical power by 65% (without increasing the type I error rate!) using  machine learning and causal inference.
  • Engineered a Monte Carlo based statistical analysis for climate change data spanning 1.2 million years.  (Science Advancesattention score in top 5%, highlighted by Science magazine.)
  • Conducted multivariate analysis (two-level repeated measures multivariate analysis of variance) to improve elderly women’s strength by 30%.
  • Formulated survival analysis to reduce hospitalization costs by 25% for dogs at risk of bleeding.

Statistics: regression analysis (linear, logistic, Poisson, generalized linear mixed models), Bayesian analysis, survival analysis, time series, penalized regression (ridge, lasso), experimental design, A/B testing, Monte Carlo techniques, analysis of variance (univariate and multivariate). 

Machine Learning: prediction, cross validation, classification (logistic regression, gradient boosted decision trees, random forest, naive Bayes, k nearest neighbors, clustering),  dimension reduction (principal components, discriminant analysis).

Coding: R, C, SQL, Python.

If you are interested in my consulting services, please contact me at